” Pure Love Energy”

Pure Love Energy

 ” Pure Love Energy”         ~ by Aixa Garcia 2~10~14

Today I find myself in a new place…in a place I have never really been before. I haven’t gone anywhere and I haven’t moved but I HAVE! I have been taken to this place where nothing seems the same anymore…nothing is, as I am seeing with different eyes and hearing with different ears. I feel as though in a trance, where nothing really matters but this energy that I feel. I feel peace, love and happiness, yes, so cliche  I mentioned to a friend but sooooo real. I have this feeling of pure love energy flowing within me that I can’t contain myself and just have to share. I have kept quiet long enough and it’s time to finish what has been started.

Today I read something I wrote four years ago titled just that ~ “Finish what you started” …and it referred to a project that was started in 2008 and because of this or that, it has always been set aside but now it’s time. It’s time to finish it! I guess I wasn’t ready yet, there were things that I still needed to see, not with my physical eyes but with those of the Spirit. You see, the things that lie before us aren’t really what is there or what truly matter, it’s those things that are unseen that are what truly ARE. There are mysteries surrounding us, many that we will never be able to comprehend but there are some which are revealed to the eyes who wish to see. I have been given many glimpses but have closed my eyes at times. I am now ready to see, I am now ready to share.

How this all will come to be and unfold is a mystery to me but that I’m urged, that I can’t deny now, therefore I must follow…I can no longer hold back. If I do I will be held accountable for not fulfilling my purpose, for not completing the mission which has been assigned to me. That I can now clearly see.

Life really is too short and I cannot waste any more time…though time in a sense does not exist (in the Spiritual realm) as all is infinite ~ there is no past and there is no future, all there is, is now ~ an infinite now with no beginning nor end. But here on Earth it does exist (we believe it does, therefore it does) so humanly speaking, the clock is ticking. We are only given a short existence in this shell we call the body and we’re here for the purpose of completing our mission. Finding it is oftentimes complicated and following through, even more so…many never do as many are called but very few are chosen. The Chosen Ones KNOW who they are, they/we have always sensed that calling, that nudging, that pulling in our gut, that Knowing inside of us which sets us apart because we desire it, we are open to ALL there is and we are willing to follow the lead of that Divine calling. Many stumbling blocks are encountered along the way as it is not an easy walk. There are gifts and powers we possess that are feared by the enemies of Light…darkness always wants to overshadow us, but greater is the Light than darkness and it will always triumph. (not without a fight) and that’s the tricky part.

There are times when we will be attacked and confusion will try to set in. Times when we will be tried to be deceived, when we will stumble and fall and when we will lose ourselves. ~ Losing our strength, our faith, our hope, our very existence will be questioned. Our smile will fade, our light will dim, our hearts will be broken and we will distance ourselves from Spirit. But sometimes we must lose ourselves to find ourselves! We must get to our lowest point in order to realize that we alone can’t make it. That we need help and that void inside can only be filled with the Divine…no person or thing can ever do it…no matter what you try. When we come to that realization, that we are nothing without Divinity, that ALL of our answers lie within, that nothing needs to be searched for because ALL is already there, then things begin to change (without us even trying…it just automatically flows)

It is such an awesome revelation! But one that can only be obtained by Spirit and the desire to do the will of God and not our own. When we stop trying to make things happen, when stop desiring out of humanly needs, when we stop trying to manifest materialism or even love and we ONLY desire that which was originally intended for us, the Will of the Divine ~ our true purpose in life…THEN ALL else will be added on to that!!! Nothing needs to be sought, pushed or manipulated, ALL will simply BE! And what an amazing feeling to finally be able to see…to see what truly IS. To feel this energy inside take over your very being…this pure love energy…knowing that Spirit is leading and Knows all things ~ therefore if I am Spirit, then “I” know all things, I just have to allow myself to follow It’s lead without questioning.

I once heard someone say that “To love God, is never having to ask (why?)”  ~ We ask toooo many questions, we want to know everything right away, we are impatient and because of it, we get ourselves into trouble. Humans want to seek for answers…Spirit already knows…Let us live in Spirit.

Let us feel this pure love energy run through this shell of ours, traveling through our souls, let us feel it, live it and share it with all who wish to receive it! And so I will…I will enjoy this state I find myself in, will answer my calling and finish what has been started…Oh, how I wish you could feel it too…

From my heart to yours,


Feel My Pure Love Energy!

Feel My Pure Love Energy!

Aixa Garcia, Copyright © 2014– All rights reserved.

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